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Why do we need body composition analyzer

Why do we need body composition analyzer

Obesity,osteoporosis, malnutrition and other phenomena will occur if the body composition is not balanced. Therefore, the analysis of body composition balance is very important in determining health management. To ensure body health, we need long-term analysis of body composition and self-health management.

Health evaluation:getting to know participants body composition and evaluating the health status.

Body type determination: determining the participants body type visually by measuring the muscle mass and fat mass.

Weight management: providing muscle mass and fat mass needed to achieve the optimum body composition balance

Chronic disease management:monitoring and preventing the diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other chronic disease according to the information of visceral fat.

Rehabilitation medicine application:evaluating the effect of rehabilitation treatment through segmental assessment.

Nutrition guidance:evaluating the participants nutrition status and guiding energy intake and diet balance.

Children and teenager evaluating :providing growth curve information based on the national data for minors under 18 years to make the participant more confident to the measuring results.

Health maintenance:maintaining balanced body composition and preventing diseases through self management according to the measuring results.