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The beginning of Chinese medicine

The beginning of Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine in China has 5,000 years of history, the Chinese people have very deep feelings for traditional Chinese medicine, because the Chinese medicine for the people's health has made tremendous contributions.

As early as ancient times, our ancestors had fought primitive medicine in the fight against nature. People in the process of finding food, found that some food can reduce or eliminate some of the disease, which is found and the application of traditional Chinese medicine

Origin; in the baking heating on the basis of the discovery of the use of skins, bark wrapped in hot stones or sand for local heating can eliminate some of the pain, through repeated practice and improvement, and gradually produced a hot iron and moxibustion; In the use of stone tools as a production tool in the process, found that a part of the human body after being stabbed to relieve the other parts of the pain, thus creating the use of stone, bone acupuncture treatment, and on this basis, the progressive development of acupuncture Therapy, and thus formed the meridian theory.