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How to choose the Chinese herbal Boiling water

How to choose the Chinese herbal Boiling water


To fresh and clean tap water, river water, lake water, spring is appropriate. Repeatedly boiled or placed in a hot water bottle for a long time, can not be used as a decoction water. The ancients of the decoction with water is very particular about, such as Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "spring rain should fry divergent and Bu Zhong Yi Qi medicine", "winter snow water should be fried cold drink medicine", "Running water boiled medicine The most "," well spring water should be fried Yin and all phlegm fire blood medicine "and so on.


The water dosage

General water consumption for the grass medicine after the pressure, the liquid level did not drink two fingers (about 2 cm) is appropriate. Among them, the aroma of volatile and loose texture of the drug, you can only submerged drugs for the degree of texture hard sticky for a long time to fry the drug, add water can be slightly more. Scientific amount of water: the first fry plus water = the total amount of drugs in the side (grams) +150 ml + dosage (adult dose of 150 to 300 ml). The second fried water: take the amount of +200 ml.

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