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Automatic machine for the following advantages

Automatic machine for the following advantages, as long as according to the standard operation, is fully able to guarantee quality, ease of use.

High temperature boiling. Automatic boiling decoction of Chinese medicine temperature can reach 110 degrees or higher, the dissolution rate of traditional Chinese medicine have been greatly improved, it is not up to traditional decocting method.

Sealed operation. Automatic machine using physical and chemical properties of stainless steel tank full closed operation, maximum to prevent escape of volatile oil from some of the active ingredients of Chinese medicines, increasing the concentration of active ingredients as much as possible, and also improves the quality of Chinese medicine solution accordingly.

Reduced oxidation failure. Actually, traditional of medicine fried Cook method because put medicine completely exposed in air in the, coupled with high temperature fried Cook,, easily was oxygen by oxidation and makes color deepened, looks liquid of color deep and thick, and this dark precisely is was oxidation failure of components due to, and automatically boiling machine fried Cook medicine Shi drug and air is isolated of, can prevent medicine of some effective components in air in the was oxidation failure, take this improve has effective components of content.

First fried, and then the next. May be overcome through technical means.